Business People Mingling

An Innovative Team for Innovative Technology

The most successful teams are comprised of individuals who integrate the experiences and ideas of others with their own to create effective, holistic solutions. These team members are able to expand beyond what they previously knew, incorporating new ideas, and inspiring others to embrace an innovative vision.

The Building Blocks

In that same vein, there are an incredible number of ways diversity can spur innovation. When looking to build a truly innovative team, diversity of experience and eagerness to learn new topics are highly impactful criteria. This diversity encompasses both team members who have worked on a wide array of projects as well as team members that have worked on similar projects but have developed solutions for those projects from different points of view.  Some may have been working from the internal business process side of an issue, some from the external customer impacts, and others from the technology side.


Our Story

At Clovis Technologies, our team came together to develop a solution to a common problem we saw from distinct points of view at different financial institutions: the difficulty in monitoring, detecting, and reporting suspicious activities in money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF). Holding positions in business analysis, internal process development, customer relations, data science, application development, database design, project management and regulatory monitoring, we had all worked on solving the anti-money laundering (AML)  problem and encountered three primary roadblocks to a solution: 

  • the employment of transactional monitoring using fraud as a model, and an inability to move beyond this standard, resulting in manually-intensive ML/TF detection capabilities 

  • a “one size fits all” mentality when purchasing or developing AML software, causing compliance teams to implement multiple work-arounds to deal with the high levels of false positives and the lack of explainability of processes and decisions 

  • the idea of compliance as an expense of doing business and not as a tool to expand business.


Combining our business and technical knowledge from working on AML in financial institutions with our experience developing technical data and activity monitoring solutions for the U.S. Intelligence Community, our team has built an AML platform that eliminates those roadblocks. This platform 

  • monitors investigator activity as well as customer transactions to train and implement more effective AI

  • incorporates straight-forward customization to match a firm’s risk profile and provide clarity of criteria and data used for workflows, modeling, and decision making

  • provides tools for managing risk and determining the processes and paths to enter new markets.  

Additionally, because of the difficulties we have seen with support of multiple applications within the banks that perform similar activities, we developed this platform to be convertible and scalable, applicable to multiple areas within a financial institution such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and fraud.

At Clovis Technologies, we know that by bringing together people with an understanding of problems from different viewpoints, and integrating their experiences and knowledge, we develop the most innovative solutions. 


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